Let's have some fun on my last day.

Hi friends. Cierra here! I am writing to you with a heavy heart. Tomorrow, Friday June 7th, is my last day with Tate + Yoko. Thank you for all of your support. Getting to know you over e-mail, instagram, youtube, facebook and in-store will be one of my most favorite memories during my time here.
Let's have some fun on my last day. I'm going to hide ONE GOLDEN TICKET on tateandyoko.com tomorrow. Find the ticket, purchase the ticket for $1 (plus shipping), enter your fit/size request in the Special Instructions box at checkout and I will send the lucky finder 1 Mystery Jean!
The GOLDEN TICKET will be online at 11:30AM EST Friday June 7th 2019. Goodluck!


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What was the golden ticket?


Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors, Cierra!


Sad to see you go, was really cool I got to meet you when I took a trip to Montreal, not going to lie I didn’t even follow tate and Yoko or N&F on Instagram yet because I was just getting into raw denim but oh boy, if it was now I would probably be talking your ear off and picking your brain about all things denim lol. Good luck with whatever life has in store for you :)

Sleepy Wizard

Ah, bummer dude. Loved the blog posts.


Will miss the pics and vids.
Best wishes on the next chapter!


Set my alarm and found it immediately. Job or no job you had to be lucky. Hence the ‘golden ticket’ theme


found it by searching the site code – too late though…. https://tateandyoko.com/products/product

Chris C.

Where was it? I was looking for the last 20 minutes and never found it…. Apparently it was easy for others to find but I didn’t. Good luck in your future endeavors!


Well, it was easy enough to locate. Got there in seconds and still wasn’t fast enough. Such is life. Also, sad to see you go, but I’m sure you’re off to do something else exciting and new. Best of luck to you.


u couldve at least hid it better


Eastern Standard Time

Justin Williams

11:30 AM….. but what zone?


Sad to see you go. You’re a stunner, love. For all of you asking, Tate and Yoko is in Quebec, Quebec is EST. Ergo, 11:30AM EST, if I’m presuming correctly.


Difficult to participate for some of us with jobs that don’t allow us do that…


11:30AM but in which time zone ?

Nick Chang

it is sad to see you go, could you tell me the reason?


Sorry to see you go :(

11:30am in which time zone?

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