How to Wear White Denim, A Tale of the Natural Seed

How to Wear White Denim, A Tale of the Natural Seed

My whole life I had always been afraid of white pants. With my active and carefree lifestyle I thought that I would stain them within days and never be able to wear them again. Secondly, I had no idea how to style them and how to look good in white pants. In this blog post I’ll cover my story on how I wore my Natural Seed white denim for a month and learned how to love this staple that everyone should have in their closet.  


Natural Seed Denim

When first trying white denim I recommend you go with a fit that you are already comfortable with. In my case the standard tapered cut of the Weird Guy is my go to. Making sure you have the right size is also critical. If you are unsure check out the measuring guide and size chart if you are unable to try them on.


Natural Seed Denim Breaking In

Since I was planning on wearing them in the hot summer weather I had them hemmed. This is a no brainer as Tate + Yoko offers free hemming. Hemming the pants also allows for more air flow and more fitted look. I highly recommend hemming with ‘no break’ so the pant comes to the top of the laces on a low top shoe. Together with a proper fit this will make the look more put together.


Natural Seed Denim Dirty Details

As I had lots of experience in sizing and hemming this was not a problem. However it as at this moment that I realized I had no idea how to style them. Since there is no need to reinvent the wheel I turned to the internet to find styling inspiration. After some research I came across style icon Steve McQueen, also known as ‘The King of Cool’. This reputation is well deserved and I recommend you check him out. I was able to track down a few old photos of him wearing white and used these for inspiration. In two photos you can see McQueen pairs a plain white tee. I added either a pair of boots or more often light coloured tennis shoes. By wearing the same colour you will look both slimmer and taller. Even though this pairing seems very simple I would later come to realize the genius of this white on white combo.


Steve McQueen wearing all white jeans and white shirt

Over the month I wore my jeans every day and did not baby them at all. Instead of treating them like perfect white pants I wore them like my normal blue jeans. This meant over time they began to develop a beautiful patina almost like a reverse fade that you would get on raw denim. Despite wearing them hard and not being careful to my surprise they stayed relatively clean. I’d say that after a good machine wash they’d come out like new again.

Natural Seed Denim Worn In ResultsNow before I started this I thought that white pants were an impractical garment that were hard to pull of and keep clean. I couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Not only are they easy to wear and maintain they are extremely comfortable in the summer. When wearing the white pants paired with the white tee you reflect so much of the sunlight that there is a huge difference in body temperature. Honestly, it felt like I had unlocked some kind of life hack perk. If you haven’t ever tried white denim I highly recommend you give the Natural Seed Denim a shot so you too can channel your inner King of Cool.

Steve McQueen Aiming