Introducing Our Lightweight Recycled Selvedge Denim: Good For You And The Planet

Introducing Our Lightweight Recycled Selvedge Denim: Good For You And The Planet

We're excited to introduce you to our new Lightweight Recycled Selvedge Denim.  It combines all the things we love about classic selvedge denim with a sustainable approach that's good for you and the planet.

To create this denim, we start by shredding the off cuts of denim into tiny pieces and mixing it with undyed cotton fiber.  This new yarn is spun on vintage shuttle looms in Okayama, Japan and takes on a faint blue tone from the indigo dye already present in the shredded denim.  No additional dying is required, making this process eco-friendly.

The resulting denim has a distinctive look that's a mix of pale indigo with hints of white, similar to stone washed jeans.  But unlike stone washed jeans, these are completely raw and have a crispy, rigid feel like classic raw denim.  The denim is lightweight, weighing in at 11oz per square yard, and features an antique pink selvedge ID as a nod to vintage red line selvedge jeans that have turned pink over time after years of laundering and wear.

These jeans are made in our own factory in Canada and feature contrast stitching, custom made silver metallic buttons and rivets, and a recycled leather back patch to stay on theme.

While this denim is not designed to fade with high contrast like rope dyed denim, the recycled denim used to create it was rope dyed and will continue to fade slightly over time, giving the jeans a vintage blue jean look.  So, you won't achieve high contrast fades, but you'll still get a one-of-a-kind pair of jeans with character and personality.


Available Friday February 17th at 11AM EST

Lightweight Recycled Selvedge Stone Blue - Folded Flat