Kamikaze Attack Graphic T-Shirts

Kamikaze Attack is a small cult brand from Kojima, Japan. The owner, Kanazawa-san, was working at a tattoo shop that sold clothing and denim he hated. He decided to create his own label of denim he would be proud of with the motto "Project to conquer the world."
Kamikaze Attack T-Shirt
Kamikaze Attack T-ShirtKamikaze Attack T-ShirtKamikaze Attack T-ShirtKamikaze Attack T-Shirt
The latest release of Kamikaze Attack T-Shirts are very representative of the Kamikaze Attack crew. Local wrestling fans, they designed the 08BP Banzai Pro-Wrestling logo... A promotion made up by the Kamikaze guys. Equally as passionate about gaming, 013GM is inspired by the original Donkey Kong. For those of us who can't read in Japanese, "Kamikaze Attack" is printed on the front and back of 09KA in black and 09KA in white. 
Kamikaze Attack T-Shirt
KAXNFTB is a custom Kamikaze Attack x Naked & Famous Denim collaboration t-shirt featuring a battle between a Japanese yakuza woman and a Canadian badass lady. The taglines says “Outcast Zubeko battle for the top of the world.” Zubeko is an old-school Japanese term for that translates to "badass bitch". 
Kamikaze Attack
Made from 12.5oz slubby low tension weave denim. Zimbababwe cotton yarns are used for warp. The fit is not too tight or too loose. Zip fly. Deer skin leather patch. Rinse-washed. Sewn in Japan using Japanese made denim.
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