Kasuri Stretch Selvedge

Kasuri Stretch Selvedge

With the Kasuri Stretch Selvedge, we wanted to make a unique selvedge denim that is as comfortable as it is beautiful.  

Kasuri Stretch Selvedge - Folded Flat

What makes the Kasuri Stretch Selvedge so beautiful is the traditional way that the yarns are dyed. Instead of simply dipping long yarns into indigo vats, dyers wrap sections of yarn with thread so tightly that those bound sections cannot absorb the dye like squeezing a sponge and holding it underwater. 

Kasuri Stretch Selvedge - Waist Button

After the first dip, the yarn is pulled from the indigo vat, and the threading is removed from those sections and other sections are bound tightly. Then the yarn is dipped again. This process is repeated over and over so that certain sections of the yarn are dyed to a deep nearly black shade, while other sections of yarn remain a medium blue having been exposed to less indigo.  

Kasuri Stretch Selvedge - Coin Pocket

Then, on decades-old shuttle looms, master operators weave these indigo exterior yarns into a white weft yarn to create a raw denim with myriad indigo shades running irregularly through the face of the fabric appearing almost like rainfall.  

Kasuri Stretch Selvedge - Selvedge ID

We paired this ancient dying method with modern yarns that are 98% cotton and 2% elastane, so this is raw Japanese selvedge denim made more comfortable – and not less durable – with just a touch of stretch. The standard weight 12.5oz fabric is substantial but not heavy and can be worn all year.  
Dyed and woven in Japan. Cut, sewn, built in Canada.