Perfect Blue Slub Stretch Selvedge

Perfect Blue Slub Stretch Selvedge

The Perfect Blue Slub Stretch Selvedge takes its name from using a chemically perfect indigo dye, called pure indigo.  This dye contains no impurities (which can effect the color) and allows us to create specific indigo tones.  In this case the warm toned indigo, reminiscent of vintage blue jeans. 

The face of the fabric appears streaky with ridges running through it - a desirable coarseness echoing eras of artisanal yarn spinning. These slubs will fade irregularly as the indigo is absorbed more in some places than others. The weft has this warm soft shade of off-white because the yarns have been neither bleached nor dyed. They carry the natural color of untouched cotton. 

The details round out a classic Japanese selvedge denim built for daily wear: a 12.5oz fabric, contrast stitching, silver metallic hardware, a brown leather patch, and a redline selvedge ID. Plus, 2% stretch for an easier break-in

 Available Friday October 28th at 11AM EST.

Fits: Super Guy, Weird Guy, Easy Guy, Classic, Max, High Skinny, Arrow

*Note Women’s fits will be available at a later date - follow us on social media for release information.