Rugged And Comfortable: The Unique Blend Of Fibers In The Hard + Soft Selvedge Denim

Rugged And Comfortable: The Unique Blend Of Fibers In The Hard + Soft Selvedge Denim

If you're looking for a pair of jeans that is both durable and comfortable, the Hard + Soft Selvedge might just be the perfect fit.  Made with a blend of short staple and long staple cotton fibers, this 12oz Japanese selvedge denim offers the best of both worlds. The exterior warp is made with a mix of Texas and recycled short staple cotton, giving the fabric a rough and rugged appearance, while the weft is made with a blend of American Supima and Peruvian long staple cotton, providing a smooth interior and added strength.  But the unique blend of fibers isn't the only thing that sets the Hard + Soft Selvedge apart. 

The exterior warp yarns are also twisted tightly, a process known as a "hard twist," which gives the denim a dry, rough texture and adds to its durability. The hard twist helps to prevent the yarns from unraveling or fraying, making the denim more resistant to wear and tear.  It also gives the fabric a sturdy feel that can stand up to heavy use.  In addition to its practical qualities, the Hard + Soft Selvedge is also made with attention to detail. 

It's woven on vintage shuttle looms in Okayama, Japan.  It's then cut, sewn in Naked & Famous Denims own factory in Quebec, Canada,   You’ll find contrast stitching, a classic redline selvedge ID, a beautiful raging bull leather patch, and silver metallic buttons and rivets.  So, whether you are in need a pair of jeans for everyday wear or something that can stand up to some serious wear and tear, the Hard + Soft Selvedge is a top-quality choice. 


Available Friday February 24th at 11AM EST

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