Scratch n' Sniff - Hiba Cypress Scented Japanese Selvedge Denim

Scratch n' Sniff - Hiba Cypress Scented Japanese Selvedge Denim

Naked & Famous Denim earned its name doing wild and experimental things. Core to those was the Scratch-n-Sniff series. Longtime fans of the brand will remember seeing these in the past, but if you’re new to Naked & Famous Denim, maybe you’ve heard of them, but you’ve definitely never smelled them. 

Fundamentally, the Scratch-n-Sniff Hiba Cypress is a 12.5oz Japanese selvedge denim that has been infused with the scent of northern Japan’s cypress trees - a scent common in spas because of its relaxing aroma. 

Naked & Famous Denim has worked with manufacturers to bake scented micro capsules into the fabric itself. So, when you scratch the surface, the micro capsules burst and release a scent that will transport you to the forests of Japan’s Aomori prefecture. 

 Classic denim details round out the Scratch-n-Sniff Hiba Cypress: veg tan leather patch, silver metallic hardware, contrast stitching, and a redline selvedge ID. 

Available Friday September 30th at 11AM EST.

Fits: Super Guy, Weird Guy, Easy Guy, Classic, Arrow

*The Arrow fit will be available late November.