The pair of jeans that saved this motorcyclist's ass.

I love slinging denim. We have some of the craziest customers. Most of you are ruthless with putting your jeans to the test. When I received this email in my inbox, I knew I had to share it with all of you. Before you read on, know that this motorcyclist, Brandon, survived a crash with a little help from Guardian Selvedge Denim by Naked & Famous Denim. Please don't try this at home. Stay safe, kids!
Subject: Thank you for saving my a$$ 
"Hello, I just wanted to reach out to you and the Naked & Famous team to thank you all.  Yesterday I went down on my motorcycle on I-5 in rush hour traffic in San Diego. Got cut off by an asshole in too big of a hurry to look for motorcyclists.  I got banged up pretty good with some gnarly hematoma's on my elbow and hip but fortunately having quality gear saved me from serious road rash.
I went down doing about 45 to 50 mph, guy came into my lane with no blinkers, just ran me off the road.  It happened so fast but I reacted by hitting the breaks, they locked up and my back end skidded out and I laid it over on the left side.
I think... the tires caught and flipped the bike over (high siding) and launched me over the bike in front of it to where I proceeded to slide down the interstate on my arms, side, and back, and into the median K-rail, so witnesses were telling me.  Both my bike and myself slid about 50 to 60 ft and missing guy's car by millimeters.
I was wearing your Kevlar® blend denim in the Weird Guy fit and it held up to the challenge of not allowing me to not look like I was ran through a meat grinder.  Doctors and Nurses kept telling me I was lucky since most everybody they see look 10x worse than what I came in as. The Kevlar® blend jean really held up.
As an ex-sporting good & clothing product designer I understand quality.  I can tell when thought is put into products and I see that with Naked & Famous Denim.  It’s why I love the brand so much and why I will continue to wear Naked & Famous denim.  So thank you again guys.  I owe you my ass, literally!"
Brandon, thank you much for sending us this letter. We are so happy to hear you survived the crash with a little help from Guardian Selvedge Denim. We hope you and (with a little elbow grease) your 82 Honda Goldwing, Goldy, get better soon.
*Kevlar® is a trademark or registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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