Tatami Denim

Tatami Denim


Rope-dyed Japanese indigo… flooring? Tatami are woven straw mats used for flooring in Japanese rooms. Martial art dojos use tatami for training and competition. The Tatami Denim is for people who love fabrics and want something different than denim. We replaced the straw with indigo-dyed cotton yarns, which are woven loosely across the face of the fabric. You can actually move each yarn individually, so each one will tell a story with wear, maybe snapping and fraying, puckering around rivets and stitching to create a fade pattern unlike anything you could achieve with a denim twill.

* Please note that there is a typo on the pocket flasher indicating the weight of this jean at 16oz, the true weight of this fabric is 12oz.

Tatami Denim - Folded Flat

Tatami Denim - Coin Pocket
Tatami Denim - Cuff
Tatami Denim - Leather Patch
Available Friday July 31st 2020