The Salvaged Selvedge - Japanese Selvedge Denim Saved From Disaster

The Salvaged Selvedge - Japanese Selvedge Denim Saved From Disaster

We love a good story, and we love denim, and we have a lot of both with the Salvaged Selvedge

So in 2018 when the typhoons and mud slides devastated Okayama, Japan—the hub of the Japanese denim industry—and mills saw rolls of denim covered in mud and debris, essentially ruining them, we couldn't help but think about the waste that would result from failing to salvage these fabrics.

Instead of allowing this fabric to end up as waste, it was salvaged and then cleaned with a rinse wash process. This made for a rise-washed look and feel that you'll notice throughout the fabric. You'll also notice varying shades of indigo throughout as well as a hairy cotton surface texture. The denim weighs in at 12.5oz, however there is a typo on the pocket flasher it is listing it as 14.5oz.  We didn’t think re-printing the pocket flasher was in the spirit of this denim, so we just let it be.  Inside you'll see the classic red line selvedge ID. Some discolorations may also be present, a reminder of the devastation that afflicted this denim.

Cut, sewn, built in Canada with contrast stitching, recycled leather patch, and silver metallic buttons and rivets.

Available Friday September 16, 2022 at 11AM EST.
Fits: Super Guy, Weird Guy, Easy Guy
* Easy Guy will be available at a later date to be determined. Stay tuned for release announcements.


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