What do fades, personal style and double denim have in common?

The key to pulling off double denim? Double DenimI came up with this idea as a topic because we've had a high volume of customers come in this week looking for denim jackets.  Many of my customers come in wearing their favorite jeans, and look to me for advice on how to match a new denim jacket. I've put together a couple pointers but there's no rules here. Bastien wore a basic T and his own vintage Vietnam shirt layered under a new Burgus Plus 71955XX Denim Jacket. On the bottom he's wearing Naked & Famous Denim' Easy Guy - Left Hand Twill Selvedge, 4 months of wear.
1. Draw attention to an interesting piece under the jacket and you'll break up the denim on denim. 
Burgus Plus BP17610
2. The simplest and most classic way to wear double denim is with a crew neck, preferably white, T-Shirt. This is an effortless look you can style up by rolling or cuffing your hem, use pins on your jacket, tie a handkerchief. 
Naked & Famous Denim T-Shirt
3. Don't get hung up on finding the perfect match. If you go too matchy-matchy, you risk the chance of looking like you're swimming in jeans. Experiment with subtle differences in denim like the weight, tension, color and distress (wear a new with an old jean!). 
Naked & Famous Denim - Okayma Spirit 3
Burgus Plus - 550-00 French Work Pants
When it comes to giving advice on how to wear something I don't like to tell anyone what to or not to do. You'll get the best results when you try something new and are unafraid to experiment. Take a risk and might be surprised to find you can pull something off you never imagined. (I encourage you to try the new Groovy Guy! And Strong Guy, coming soon.) Personal style is when you're able to put your own unique twist on a current trend or a classic staple. 
Bahzad ocean washing his denim
Bahzad ocean washing his denim
This advice goes hand in hand with wearing and caring for raw denim. The most frequently asked questions are "how do I wash my jeans?", "when can I wash my jeans?", "how do I get the best fades?". I can give you a generic answer, but you'll achieve the best results when you experiment and find what works best for you and your denim. The #1 reason why I love working with raw denim is its ability to become a unique pair of jeans for everyone. Not one pair of jeans is the same because they evolve according to your lifestyle- what you do in them and how you care for them. Experiment, take risks with your jeans, wear them everywhere and they'll become part of you. 
PS- Swimming in jeans... That sounds fun.


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Warren Mitchell

Hey! Are you guys making the Strong Guy in chinos?


Amanda, I am so happy you’re loving The Classic’s! Did you get them in 11oz Indigo Selvedge? Are you wearing them often? Have you washed them? The Burgus Plus 550-00’s are so cool aren’t they- We’re all obsessed with them here. I usually take a men’s size 28 and we only have size 34 left in them so unfortunately I can’t share pictures of me modeling them. We did re-order this pant but the smallest size available is 30. I’m not sure what size you took in The Classic but if you want to email me I can let you know if this men’s 30 will work for you. cierra@tateandyoko.com.


Hey David! The Strong Guy is going to be a hit, I know it. We have not yet received a full size run of the Strong Guy fit in our warehouse so I can’t give you those measurements just yet. We plan on having all FW18 up on ty.com come mid-August so you will be able to find them then. Lookout for the Nightshade Stretch Selvedge, 12.5oz 2% Stretch available in Strong Guy ;)


Hi Cierra… I would love to see what the Burgus Plus – 550-00 French Work Pants look like on a woman. In fact, I think it would be incredible if you guys could show modeling photos of all your cuts/styles on a man and a woman to see how the cuts wear differently (this would be my dream, as I don’t have as much opportunity as I would like to come into the shop and try them all on personally). Still loving and wearing my “The Classic’s” that Bastien helped me out with last December. AMAZING jeans and I get compliments all the time.

David W

We need the strong guy ASAP! ;p
Just kidding, I live in Texas. But I am very curious to see the cut measurements (really the knee and the opening). Strong guy in a stretch will be my next pair of jeans.

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